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Regenerate the spirit and grow closer to your true nature. These stones are sure to bring out the inner creativity, generosity, warmth, and kindness of your being. Grounding and energizing, this combination brings about the balance and organic nature that lies deep within.


Peridot -  “The Stone of Transformation.” Peridot is a powerful cleanser, releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels. Cleansing and activating the heart and solar plexus, this precious gem releases burdens, guilt, obsessions, and old baggage of the past. Peridot alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite, anger, and reduces stress. Enhancing confidence and assertion without aggression, motivating growth that is necessary to bring about change. It’s an excellent stone to aid in recovery and addiction and is particularly helpful to healers. Mentally this stone sharpens the mind and opens up new levels of awareness. It banishes lethargy, strengthens the metabolism, and the skin. Its energy is also believed to balance bipolar disorder and overcome hypochondria.


Citrine - A powerful cleanser and generator of energy, carrying the power of the sun. A stone of abundance, it teaches how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success and all good things in life. It's warming, imaginative, extremely protective, and highly creative. Citrine rises self confidence, and self-esteem removing destructive tendencies. It can also enhance concentration, and revitalizes the mind. 


Smokey Quartz - Smokey quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones, a superb antidote for stress, it assists in tolerating difficult times with equanimity, fortifying resolve. Grounding spiritual energy and gently neutralizing negative vibrations, this stone blocks geopathic stress, and assisted elimination and detoxification on all levels. It brings in a positive vibration to fill the space. Smokey Quartz teaches you how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you. It relives fear, lifts depression, and brings in emotional calmness. It dissolves contradictions, promotes concentration, and alleviates communication difficulties.


Opal - Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. Stimulating originality, and creativity, it aids in accessing and expressing one’s true self. It enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential. Opal encourages putting out positive emotions, brings loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity.


Howlite - An extremely calming stone, it can still the mind, eliminate rage, deepen sleep, while balancing calcium levels in the body, aiding teeth, bones, and soft tissues. Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions, preparing the mind to seek wisdom and insights.

This crystal can also aid with insomnia, and release old emotions to present life triggers. 


Sandalwood - A sacred wood with a lovely aromatic scent bringing one closer to the divine. It is excellent for creating presence and alertness, especially during meditation. Sandalwood transforms desires and brings emotional balance, treats anxiety, insomnia, neuralgia, sciatica, depression, nausea, dry skin, fevers, and stress-related disorders. 

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