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Formulate your ambitions and insights both spiritual and material, and allow yourself to experience inner patience as you stregthen the most positive characteristics within the self.


3 peices in one set

(2 sets in photo, sold separately)


6mm beads

Stones included

Grey Agate - A grounding stone, this crystal overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. It heals inner anger and is useful for any kinds of emotional trauma, creating a sense of safety and security by dissolving inner tension.


Howlite - An extremely calming stone, it can still the mind, eliminate rage, deepen sleep, while balancing calcium levels in the body, aiding teeth, bones, and soft tissues. Howlite links into the spiritual dimensions, preparing the mind to seek wisdom and insights.

This crystal can also aid with insomnia, and release old emotions to present life triggers. 


Emperor Bloodwood - (Brosimum Rubescens) Aids in amplification, focus, divination, strength, and healing. It is also believed to have magical properties for the curing of problems concerning the blood.

Calm Bracelet Sets