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Creating custom and creative hand threaded and knotted Mala strands to fit your personal and spiritual needs. 

Locally crafted in Louden County, Virginia. 

By Valery Erkiletian


I have been an avid yogi since 2007, and in the recent years have explored all kinds of artistic ventures to tap into the inner love I possess, and want to share with this world. When i found Mala stranding it was nothing short of love at first sight. I began creating pieces for self meditation, but eventually was encouraged to share this passion with my local community and the world. And so LoCo Mala was born over a conversation with my husband at midnight. 

I hope to create pieces that are individual to each person that possesses them. During the stranding process I meditate, and repeat loving mantras to each bead. After that i rest the Mala on a 3,000 karat Quartz Crystal that is lit by the sun, and sometimes depending on cycles of the moon. Followed by a saging ritual, as well as an oiling ritual for any pieces that include wood. Pieces made of only gemstones undergo a shamanic Aqua De Florida water bath, which is a Peruvian Shamanic ritual I learned while living in the Amazon with the Shaman, (Don Lucho.). 

Concluding this process the Malas are cleansed and ready for their new owner.

I have also catered to personal requests, not limited to Mala or Japamala Beads. Other pieces can include other religions prayer beads such as Rosaries. Misbaha, Tasbih or Sibha (muslim prayer beads.) 

LoCo Mala uses AAA grade Semi-Precious, and Precious gemstones sourced from Tibet, Brazil, Bali, India, China, and Indonesia. All strands are threaded and knotted using S-Lon Tex 400 Heavy duty Beading Cord, for maximum strength and durable wear.

Custom make your Mala today!


 Love and blessings,

- Valery


* All stone healing properties and metaphysical descriptions are sourced and researched through,


A. The Crystal Bible: A definitive guide to crystals, By: Judy Hall

B. Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, By: Melody